Your Next Steps

  • I understand my own sinful nature and how this separates me from God. I acknowledge Jesus paid the price for my sins by dying in my place and I've asked Jesus for forgiveness!
  • Read your Bible! God dsires for you to know Him. The primary means to know Him is through reading, meditating and studying His Word. As we discover God's views and apply His views in relationships, finance, marriage, family, health and countless other subjects, we experience the living God!
  • Get baptized! Take the baptism class and publicly profess your new faith.
  • Attend the Believer's Class. This 3-week class will provide you with the fundamentals of Christian faith to get you started on your journey.
  • Take the Spiritual Gifts Class. This class will help you learn about these gifts.
  • Get connected! Join a small group. Find a place to serve. We're here to help you find your place.